196: Kelsie Huff

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Kelsie Huff is one of Chicago’s hottest comedians. She has studied at iO Chicago and Second City and she teaches the popular Feminine Comique, which is a stand-up class geared towards woman. Jimmy talked to her at this year’s Chicago Women’s Funny Festival about how she uses improv in her stand-up, how to make the transition from storytelling to stand-up, and how she has been able to transform pain into comedy.

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  1. Megon McDonough
    Megon McDonough says:

    Oh Jim! SO sorry I missed this show! I took Kelsie’s class in May, and LOVED it -and her. She is truly gifted and is my heroin!
    (I know I said I was off the stuff, but I lied~)
    Great podcast! Thank you!


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