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122: Danny Balel

Danny Balel is not someone you may know. He is in the improv trenches doing the un-glamorous work of teaching improv to kids. He is a member of Improv Boston’s Touring Company who also teaches improv to a diverse bunch of high school kids in the working class city of Worcester, Mass., as well as […]

121: Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis is a teacher at The Second City Training Center in Chicago and he is easily one of the best ones out there today. Jack is also a well respected improviser and actor in the city. Jimmy talks to him about why there should be in gurus in improv, how he brings joy into […]

120: Sand

Sand is an amazing three-man independent improv group, consisting of Mike Brunlieb, Thomas Kelly and Scott Nelson. They are easily one of the best group performing improv in the city of Chicago today. Jimmy talks to them about their wild and unstructured rehearsal process, their unique long form, developing characters and what make the chemistry […]

119: Kevin Reome

In this episode, Jimmy interviews Kevin Reome, a well-known teacher at Second City, about coming up at iO with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, his experience of dropping out of improv to sell insurance and then coming back to the scene, and why he loves teaching beginning improvisers. Take a listen!

118: Antoine McKay

Antoine McKay is a former member of the Second City Mainstage, a teacher, actor, and is appearing in the new show Empire on Fox. In this episode, Antoine talks about coming up through Second City Detroit, his faith, and not making acting a priority. Don’t miss this one!

116: Rachael Mason

Rachael Mason is the Head of Advanced Improvisation at Second City, a phenomenal improviser, and a beloved improv teacher in Chicago. In this episode, Rachael talks about the responsibility women have in creating comedy’s future, her new role at Second City, and she and Jimmy perform a scene in the dark like an old timey […]

115: Broad City

In this episode, Jimmy talks Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, creators of the new show, “Broad City,” on Comedy Central, about starting out at UCB in New York, setting goals, investing their own money into their careers, and turning their web series into a hit show. Take a listen!

The Top 12 Changes in Comedy in 2014

Since 2014 is drawing to a close, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect back on the year that was. And when it comes to comedy, there were lots of changes on the landscape, both nationally and within our own little improv universe. When you look back at all of the massive […]