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My Favorite Things of 2017

This past year was a big year for me personally and professionally, and when I was not running around trying to catch Betsy as she learned how to walk, I actually had some time to watch some TV shows and movies, read some non-improv-related books, catch some live shows and perform myself. That being said, […]

241: Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton is an improv teacher and a founding member of The Annoyance Theater, where he was part of the cast that created Co-ed Prison Sluts. He has toured around the country with Joe Bill doing Bassprov. We talk to him about the early days of The Annoyance, why the first 15 seconds of an […]

5 Books Every Improviser Needs in 2017

Looking for something to get an improviser this holiday season besides a Chipotle gift card or a 12-pack of beer? Well, how about something to read, like a book? Every year, I put together a list of my favorite books from the previous year, and this year is no exception. Whether you are planning to […]

Why Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday of All Time

Happy Thanksgiving, improvisers! All week long, I have been looking forward to today. When it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite on the list. It’s pure. It’s simple. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is the best holiday of all time. How is that? My wife Lauren, on […]

Why We Need to Take In Positive Feedback

I hear this all the time from my students who are just starting out in improv: “Be Hard on Me.” “Don’t Hold Back.” “I don’t need all these positive notes like I am doing nothing wrong up there.” I get it. I was totally the same way. I think some of us come from parents […]

Thank you, Universe

I am delusional. I usually think that if I want to make more money in the performing arts, I just have to work harder. But the truth is when I do what the Universe wants me to do creatively, the money usually comes in, and usually not how I expect it. For the last several […]

240: Nick Johne

Nick Johne is from Canada where he performed with Second City Toronto. He is one of Chicago’s most respected teachers, working with improvisers and actors and teaching improv to people on the Autism spectrum. We talk to Nick about why that brings him so much joy, the difference between Canadian and American improvising and how […]