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Are You Sick of Improv?

Have you ever been sick of improv? Like, just over it? I am right now, and I hope I’m not alone with this one. I have been improvising pretty much my whole life, and right now I am sick of it. I have lost my passion. Frankly, I’m just bored with it, and when I feel like […]

Focusing on the Good

I have yet to have a student in one of my improv classes or workshops come up to me and say, “Hey, can you just point out the good stuff I do today?” Nope, it’s always the opposite: “Hey, can you please tell me the things I’m doing wrong? I can take it. You can […]

146: Scott Morehead

In this latest episode of Improv Nerd, Jimmy talks to Scott Morehead of the Second City e.t.c. cast and the Late ’90s at iO Chicago. Jimmy talks to him about his journey to a resident company at Second City, asking for what you want and becoming a dad.

The Best Way to Give a Gift To Your Scene Partner

Improvisers are told all the time how important is to “give gifts to your scene partners,” but are rarely shown how, leaving them dazed and confused. I am no different. At times I am confused by it, too. Certainly, I been around long enough that I know a good gift on stage when I see one, […]

145: Katie Rich

Katie Rich writes for SNL’s Weekend Update, is an alumni of The Second City Mainstage and has performed at iO-Chicago with Carl and The Passions. Jimmy talks to her about her first day on the job at SNL, what goes into writing for Weekend Update, and meeting the President at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Taking a Stand-Up Class

Growing up as a fat, awkward and insecure teenager, I had a dream of performing stand-up comedy. Over the last 33 years, I’ve gotten sidetracked from that by this thing called improvising. But recently I had been so burnt out on teaching improv that I knew I had to get back to doing something that […]

144: Starting Your Own Theater

Have you ever wondered what it would take to start your own improv theater? In our first compilation episode, you’ll hear clips from previous interviews from successful improv theater owners such as Mick Napier, Tom Booker, Dianah Dulaney, and more! Take a listen as they discuss how to manage actors efficiently, where to find the […]

What Judd Apatow Can Teach Us About Passion and Drive

This month, I’ve been really busy at Improv Nerd. So to prevent me from becoming even more overwhelmed and crabby than usual, I am turning over this week’s blog to my wife, Lauren. Last week, Lauren was lucky enough to hear Judd Apatow speak at the Chicago Humanities Festival while I was busy teaching a corporate […]

Tips to Nail Your Next Improv Audition

Auditioning is a way of life for improvisers. You’ll never stop auditioning, so you’ll just have to get good at it! Learning to embrace the audition process, and to finally relax and have fun, will do wonders for your performance. We asked some professional improvisers — Jay Sukow, a former teacher at Second City; Amey […]