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What to Do If There is a Stage Hog in Your Improv Class

Last month I was at DSI Comedy Theatre in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC, teaching three workshop and doing a live recording of Improv Nerd. At the end of the first day of workshops, we got into a lengthy discussion about the issues of “stage hogs” in improv classes and in shows. You know, those improvisers […]

Improv Nerd Announces 4th Anniversary Season Line-Up

  Improv Nerd will celebrate its fourth anniversary in September 2015, and this fall, the hit comedy podcast hosted by Jimmy Carrane is back with another season of amazing guests. The show will run on Sundays from Oct. 11-Dec. 6 (no show Nov. 8). All shows will be held at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont […]

It’s ok to be jealous

As artists, improvisers and human beings we all get jealous, some of us worse than others. Saying you never get jealous is like saying you never get angry or you never get sad or afraid. It’s part of the human condition. With jealousy, the only thing we can hope for is that the duration doesn’t […]

Theatrical Terms Every Improviser Should Know

If you’re an improviser who thinks you don’t need to really know anything about acting, I have news for you: You do. While most actors also train in improv, many improvisers are hesitant to try their hand at acting classes. The problem is, when you’re finally cast in a sketch show or other (semi) rehearsed […]

Learning how to play

You would think as an improviser I would like to play in my everyday life. You would think I would at least know how to have fun and be silly. I am sorry to disappoint, but I don’t. A couple of weekends ago it became very clear that this might be becoming a problem. On Saturday afternoon, my […]

My Favorite Pieces of Improv Wisdom

I’ve been doing improv for more than 30 years, so I’ve had lots of time to think about it. And I’ve come to realize there are lots of great pieces of improv wisdom that can help people on stage and in their lives. So about a year ago, I started jotting down these little gems […]

How bombing made me a better improviser

We recently held a little contest to win a free spot in my upcoming workshop. We asked improvisers to tell us about a time that they had bombed, and what they learned from it. Like every improviser, I’ve had more than my share of shows where I have bombed. I have not only bombed on stage, […]

What To Do When You Choke in Auditions

If you have been doing improv for a while you will eventually get a chance to audition for some pretty cool stuff. Stuff you will really want to get. It may be for a Harold team, or a show, or if you’re lucky, even bigger things like a role on TV or film. Some stuff you will […]

This Blog Sucks

Has this ever happened to you? After a string of great shows you get tons of compliments, but instead of being happy you start to worry… will you be able to keep it up? You’ve raised the bar on your improvising so high that if you don’t deliver you will disappoint. You’re paralyzed in your fear. […]

Are You Sick of Improv?

Have you ever been sick of improv? Like, just over it? I am right now, and I hope I’m not alone with this one. I have been improvising pretty much my whole life, and right now I am sick of it. I have lost my passion. Frankly, I’m just bored with it, and when I feel like […]