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Finding People Who Can See Your Worth

I was so stupid when I starting out improvising in my 20s. I really didn’t think I needed people. My goal was to “make it” all by myself. I laugh now thinking about it. I chose an art form that requires you to depend on other people, yet I was committed to making it all […]

It’s OK to Make Adjustments in Your Improv Scene

A common thing that we hear in improv is that we need to commit in our scenes. This is true, but being committed in a scene doesn’t mean that we can’t make changes or adjustments to our characters as the scene is going along. A good improviser is always adjusting in the moment, which includes […]

250: Shad Kunkle

Shad Kunkle is an improviser, actor, teacher, and comedian. He has been playing with the iO Harold team Carl and The Passions for 20 years, he toured with Second City and understudied the Main Stage. We talked to him about the importance of focusing on the other person, being selfless as an improv coach/director, and […]

What a Toddler Taught Me About Rejection

As actors and improvisers, we deal with rejection on a regular basis. And even though I’ve been improvising and auditioning for a really long time, it’s still hard to not to take rejection personally, because I am still looking for outside things to put a big stamp of approval on my forehead. When I audition […]

249: Todd Milliner

Todd Milliner is one of the executive producers on CNN’s original series, “The History of Comedy.” He has produced such shows as “Hot In Cleveland,” “Hollywood Game Night” and “Grimm.” We talk to him about taking improv classes at The Annoyance back in the ’90s, how “Yes, And…” works in L.A., and why it is […]

Playing with People You Love

Last Sunday, during my Jimmy & Johnnie show at Second City, John Hildreth and I invited Joe Bill, a well-known improviser and teacher in Chicago, to play with us as our special guest. John and I have been playing together for almost seven years, but I have known Joe much longer, from my days at […]

How Not to Sabotage Your Auditions

I have a good friend who is an accomplished singer and actor who recently got a great callback for a play she auditioned for. She put a lot effort into the audition and she was excited about it, but a couple of days before the callback, she started to doubt whether she really wanted the […]

248: Andel Sudik

Andel Sudik is an incredible improviser and teacher. She has performed all over the United States with The Second City Touring Company and in Europe with Boom Chicago, and she travels the world improvising and teaching. We talked to her about how she creates her wonderful characters on stage, what she learned about herself after […]

247: Jimmy Pennington

Jimmy Pennington is one of the Annoyance Theater’s most popular improv teachers. He has performed in lots of shows there, including Co-ed Prison Sluts, and is currently in Fish Bowl on Thursday nights. We talked him about how to “get out of your head” when you are improvising, how to improvise from the character versus […]

How improv training can help your business

If you haven’t heard, improv training has become quite popular in the corporate world. Thank God. It seems lately every book on business, sales and presentations I pick up has a chapter or two on the power of improv. Today, when I go into a company or organization to teach improv, most people are not […]