Feeling Burnt Out

I am burnt out, fried, my creative reservoir is dry, and the weather man is saying there’s no chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. I have gone way past the point of exhaustion. Instead of pulling over to take a break, I passed every rest stop along the way and kept speeding across the […]

What I've Learned after 50 Episodes of Improv Nerd

What I’ve Learned After 50 Episodes of Improv Nerd Next week we will be airing our 50th episode of Improv Nerd. It’s been less than two years since we started Improv Nerd, and recently I’ve been reflecting on how it all came about. For more than ten years I was a contributor for WBEZ, a […]

Do you have to be the funniest?

Do You Have to Be The Funniest ON YOUR TEAM? I have recently discovered a flaw of mine that is impacting my improvising — and not in a good way. Since I started improvising, I have always strived to be “the best improviser.” You might think that would be a good thing, but in fact, […]

How to Deal with Fear Before a Show

How to Deal with Fear Before a Show Fear before a show is unpredictable. Sometimes I have it, and sometimes I don’t. Last month, I had it before doing “Messing with A Friend” with Susan Messing. I love Susan as much as a person as I love playing with her. Having Susan ask me to play with her […]

10 Tips for Good Long-Form

As another one of my Art of Slow Comedy improv class prepares to do a long-form performance at The Upstairs Gallery in Chicago this Saturday, I want to share with you some good reminders on what you need to make a long-form work. 1. Have Fun — When you play with Susan Messing in her […]

Going to the dark side

There’s been something coming up lately in my improv classes, The Art of Slow Comedy, that I call the dark side. Students will be doing a scene with a so-called dark subject matter — pedophilia, racism, abortion — and the scene will end up being more dramatic than funny. Afterwards, the students will look shaken […]


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