The anxiety of getting bigger

All of us in the performing arts want to get noticed. We improvisers want to get recognition for our work, and most of us would love to be famous — in my case, maybe too much. I have always looked at fame as something that would take away my years of low self esteem, would make me whole […]

If life isn't going your way, improvise

 Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Or had people cancel dinner plans with you at  the last minute? Or been fired from your job? When things aren’t going your way, you can use it as an opportunity to create something even better. Recently I had booked Dina Facklis and Brad Morris as guests on Improv Nerd, a comedy podcast and live […]

Overcoming performance shame

One of the best acting tips I ever got was from Del Close, one of my early improv teachers, who used to say “follow the fear.” How I interpret that when I am on stage improvising is if you’re standing in the back line doing a Harold, Montage or an Armando and you feel afraid […]


Improv is messy

To get good at something you have to be willing to get messy, which in terms of improv means you need to be able to do bad shows or bad classes over and over again in order to get good. That’s the secret formula — in improv, in art and in life. If you are […]

How to use improv in your relationships

My friend, Christie, suggested I write a blog about using improv in your relationships. Though I am an expert in improv and not in relationships, I thought, hey, why not? Here’s what I have learned in more than 25 years of teaching and performing improvisation. 1. Bring a sense of play in all your relationships. […]

Improv Workshop

10 ways to get more out of your improv class

Many people think that improv is something people are just “naturally” good at. If you’re born funny, you can make people laugh, right? Not so. If you want to get better, you’re going to have to study this art form and take a lot of classes before you get good. It’s just a fact. And […]


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