Jimmy Johnnie

3 Ways to Grow As an Improviser

Artists take risks. They evolve. They are excited about trying…
John Hildreth

Being a Selfless Performer

Two weeks ago I performed a Jimmy and Johnnie show -- an improv…
editing improv scenes

3 Ways to Get Better at Editing Improv Scenes

Any improviser doing long form knows that editing can make or…
Jimmy and Betsy

Finding ways to have more fun

We are told all the time in improv just have fun up there and…
Hank and Stella

How an improviser wrote an improv book for kids

As a father of a two-and-a-half year old, I read a lot of children’s…

How our life affects our improv

How we look at life is how we improvise on stage. If we can't…
slowing your improv down

The benefits of slowing your improv down

A lot of improvisers think that the only way to be funny is to…
improv group

What should I do if I don't like my improv group?

I love when people reach out to me looking for me to share some…
Happy Where You're At

Being Happy Where You're At

Great improvisers are in the moment. They have no need for…
improv group

Alternatives to Holding Improv Auditions

Are you trying to form an improv group or looking to add more…