Two-Person Workshop

To the older people starting out in improv: You belong

To the older people starting out in improv: You belong. This…

5 Books Every Improviser Needs in 2017

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Ed Helms

Anger Is Funny

Anger is funny. Think about all of the great scenes you’ve…

Why Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday of All Time

Happy Thanksgiving, improvisers! All week long, I have been looking…
Jimmy Teaching

Why We Need to Take In Positive Feedback

I hear this all the time from my students who are just starting…
Jimmy Carrane Stand-Up

Thank you, Universe

I am delusional. I usually think that if I want to make more…
Lost in an improv scene

5 Things to Do When You're Lost in an Improv Scene

Every once in a while we get lost in an improv scene. We freeze,…
Jazz Freddy

What It Really Takes to Bond as an Improv Group

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Saturday Night Live

What's Next?

Recently Saturday Night Live hired two very talented, hard-working…
Betsy and Jimmy Carrane

Learning How to Have Joy

The irony is not lost on me that I am an improv teacher, which…