Jimmy Carrane in Wisconsin

Improvising on vacation

Two weeks ago, Lauren and I went on vacation. Our friends Stephen…
Del Close

You are an artist

If Del Close, one of the founding fathers of improv, had a mission…
Jimmy Carrane sit-ups

Doing the worst improv ever

There is a technique I use in my Art of Slow Comedy improv classes…

Making auditions fun again

Years ago there was an actor here in Chicago who used to book…
Jeff Hoover

3 Improv Principles I Use in My Life

The thing I love about improv is I can practice things that I…

Lost in Creation

Sometimes in one of my improv classes, a student will say after…
Jimmy teaching improv

5 secrets for coaching and teaching improv

I am so happy to see so many more people wanting to become improv…
Executive Branch

10 Tips for Getting Ahead in Improv -- Part 2

Last week, I outlined the first five points of my ten-point plan…
Improv group

Top 10 Tips for Getting Ahead in Improv – Part 1

I love all of the questions that people ask at the end of each…