233: Claire and Alan Linic

Alan and Claire Linic are improvisers, writers, teachers -- and…
alison riley podcast-001

232: Alison Riley

Alison Riley is the producer of Second City, where she has worked…
Theresa Mulligan2

231: Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal

Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal is a TV writer and producer, working…
Bob Fisher

230: Bob Fisher

Bob Fisher is a well-respected teacher and improviser at The…
Rachel dratch podcast

229: Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch is best known for her seven seasons on SNL. She…

228: Jaime Moyer

Jaime Moyer is an improviser, teacher and actor. You have seen…
Shantira Jackson

227: Shantira Jackson

Shantira Jackson is a cast member of the current Second City…

226: Will Hines

Will Hines has taught and performed improv at UCB NY and LA since…
Bob Kulhan

225: Bob Kulhan

Bob Kulhan is the author of the new book "Getting to Yes And:…
Bill Arnett

224: Bill Arnett

Bill Arnett is one of Chicago's most respected improvisers, teachers…