Mark Sutton

241: Mark Sutton

Mark Sutton is an improv teacher and a founding member of The…
Nick Johne

240: Nick Johne

Nick Johne is from Canada where he performed with Second City…
Bill Chott

239: Bill Chott

Bill Chott is an incredible improv teacher in Los Angeles who…
Dee Ryan

238: Dee Ryan

Dee Ryan was a member of The Second City Etc., where she did…
Nick Armstrong

237: Nick Armstrong

Nick Armstong is the founder of Improv Utopia and the artistic…

236: 3Peat

In this live show, Jimmy sits down with four members of Chicago's…
Jimmy Carrane

235: The World According to Jimmy

In this special bonus episode, "The World According to Jimmy," Jimmy…
Jill Valentine

234: Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine is the executive director of The Chicago Women's…

233: Claire and Alan Linic

Alan and Claire Linic are improvisers, writers, teachers -- and…
alison riley podcast-001

232: Alison Riley

Alison Riley is the producer of Second City, where she has worked…