Crowd Theater

257: The Crowd Theater

Finally a new episode! The Crowd Theater is great little comedy…
Ike Barinholtz

256: Ike Barinholtz

Ike Barniholtz is the writer, director and star of the new dark…
Derek Miller

255: Derek Miller

Derek Miller is a master improviser, teacher and actor in L.A.…
Chicago is the mecca of improv

254: Why is Chicago the Mecca of Improv?

Jimmy is really proud to share with you this piece he did for…
Sophie Shrand

253: Sophie Shrand

Sophie Shrand is the host and creator of "Science with Sophie,"…
TJ Jagodowski

252: TJ Jagodowski

TJ Jagodowski is one of the finest improvisers and people you…
Jeff Michalski

251: Jeff Michalski

Jeff Michalski is an improv legend. He is a teacher, director,…
Shad Kunkle

250: Shad Kunkle

Shad Kunkle is an improviser, actor, teacher, and comedian. He…
Todd Milliner

249: Todd Milliner

Todd Milliner is one of the executive producers on CNN's original…
Andel Sudik

248: Andel Sudik

Andel Sudik is an incredible improviser and teacher.…