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3 Ways Improv Can Make You More Creative

Whether you work in a creative field or not, we all have a human need to be creative on a regular basis, for our hearts and our souls. When we find ways to express our creativity, we are lighter, things don’t bother us as much, we are easier to be around, we are more fulfilled, and […]

5 Ways to Have More Fun This Year

Okay, the year is only two weeks old, and I am sure some of you have already blown off your New Year’s resolutions by now. But if one of your resolutions this year was to have more fun, it’s not too late to start doing that. To help you out, I’ve come up with five […]

4 Things You Need to Help You Take More Risks

Risk. When we think about taking a risk we usually think about disaster. We certainly don’t think about succeeding on the first try. That’s how I used to think. I thought risks were supposed to be painful. I assumed taking a risk meant I would fail miserably and the learning would be in the doing […]

Improv: Not Quite Children’s Play

I have heard improv teachers over the years describe improv to the lay person as something that “gets us to play like when we were children — like when we played house or on the playground – pure, spontaneous and no judgement.” I have even used some of this language in my marketing. But lately, as the […]

Happy 60th Birthday, Second City!

The Second City in Chicago turned 60 this week. Though I was never on the Main Stage or even in the touring company, Second City has always had a special place in my heart. I taught at the training center, worked in the business theater and have done plenty of shows there. And the best part […]

10 Things That Make Me Happy in My Career

With the year almost over, I wanted to share some things I learned this year that make me happy. As you know, I can often get into a shame-filled, depressive state, where I think nothing in my life is well. But I’ve realized lately that joy doesn’t have to be a big thing – joy […]

Why It’s OK to Fail in Improv

Our goal as artists is to evolve, and the best way to do that is to constantly challenge our way of thinking and our approach. One way effective way to do that is by reading books about improv. The goods ones, and there are a lot of them out there, make you look at things […]

11 Things I’m Grateful For This Year

This week seems like a good time to talk about gratitude since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Gratitude it a one of the most powerful over-the-counter drugs on the market today. In fact, it works so well in my life that I stop taking it. When I do remember to sit down and come up with a […]

Obsessing Doesn’t Make You Better

Most people who start in improv become obsessed by this art from. We take every class we can afford. We perform in every show humanly possible. We eat like crap and get little sleep. We think the more we obsess, the more it will make us better. We tell ourselves that is what successful artists do. […]

Being Open to Learning

If you want to get better at your art, you have to constantly stay open to learning. This has not always come easily for me. After a couple of years of improv classes, I thought I had it all figured out. I was done with classes. I was more interested in the results than in getting better. But […]