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268: Shaun Landry

Shaun Landry, is an actor, teacher and improviser. She teaches at The Pack Theater and is is the Artist Director of Oui be Negros which is an African-American sketch and improv group that she started back in 1994 in Chicago. Jimmy talks to her about why she thinks it’s important to make social statements in […]

Urgent! Now Is the Time to Create

Recently, the performing arts have been hit hard. Live theater has gone dark, until further notice. We are feeling all sorts of emotions about it. Mostly we are all still grieving. Some day we will be in front of live audiences again, I am sure of it, but in the meantime we must fight these feelings of isolation or die. […]

Say Yes To A Bigger Career

Most improvisers do improv as a hobby while they work a day job to pay their bills. Many wish that someday they could quit their day job and just do improv, but they can’t really figure out how to get there. If you want to quit your day job or just make a little extra […]

Want a Bigger Career? Ask For What You Wnat

As you’ve probably learned by now, improv is not an art that really makes people a lot of money. Very few people make a living as an improviser. Most people are lucky if they can get paid  a few buck for doing a show. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Many […]

Creating a Vision For Your Career

Artists are some of the most forward-thinking people I know, but when it comes to their career, it’s a different story. They convince themselves they can’t make any money at it, or, God forbid, make a living at it. This idea is false. Whether you only want to make a couple of extra bucks a […]

6 Tips for Hosting an Improv Show on Zoom

With more and more people doing improv online, hosting a Zoom improv show has become an art form in itself. Having someone who can host your show well is an important part of making the show come off as smooth and professional as possible. I recently spoke with Rebecca Bradford and Will Eiserman of The Improv Collaborative in […]

11 Tips to Make Your Improv Pop on Zoom

If you are doing improv these days, you are probably doing it online. Even if you haven’t tried improv over Zoom you might be curious about how you can do it well. Either way, if you’re going to be doing an improv show, or even just an improv class, online, you’ll need to figure out how you […]

Best Summer Ever

I have always wasted the summers by staying inside. When I met Lauren, it didn’t get any better. We would buy a beach pass, and I would go once with her. I would lie to her and say I wanted to do more outdoor activities. But by Labor Day, I had not done one outdoor activity. It’s sad really. […]

3 Great Comedy Books To Read This Summer

There’s no better time to catch up with your reading then during a pandemic. The summer helps too. So before you fill up the kiddie pool with water and pour yourself another Arnold Palmer, I have come up with a short list of books all about making it in the world of comedy that I think […]

You’ll Always Remember The Bad Ones

Happy Fourth of July, even though in most parts of the country, all celebrations have been cancelled. In the town where I live, the annual parade, fireworks and face painting is all taking place online. It’s not the typical Fourth of July sitting inside on your laptop watching computer-generated fireworks, but this is not a […]