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3 Great Comedy Books To Read This Summer

There’s no better time to catch up with your reading then during a pandemic. The summer helps too. So before you fill up the kiddie pool with water and pour yourself another Arnold Palmer, I have come up with a short list of books all about making it in the world of comedy that I think […]

You’ll Always Remember The Bad Ones

Happy Fourth of July, even though in most parts of the country, all celebrations have been cancelled. In the town where I live, the annual parade, fireworks and face painting is all taking place online. It’s not the typical Fourth of July sitting inside on your laptop watching computer-generated fireworks, but this is not a […]

Sorry You Haven’t Heard From Me

I need to write for my mental health. For my sanity. It’s been harder lately, with everything that is going on in the world — a pandemic, protests about racial injustice, and the closing of theaters. When it comes to writing, I have not felt inspired. My muse is A.W.O.L. And during this time I […]

267: Ric Walker

Ric Walker has performed with the Improvised Shakespeare Company for 15 years and is the director of the Chicago cast. He is also a professor at Columbia College in Chicago, where he teaches improv, sketch and stand-up. Jimmy talks to him about Improvised Shakespeare, why emotions are our friend in our scene work, and his […]

266: Steven Castillo

Steven Castillo is an Emmy-nominated writer for Saturday Night Live. Jimmy talked to him about how improv helped his stand-up, auditing for Saturday Night Live, and about some of his favorite sketches from the show like “Shrek“ and “Weezer.”

Cinderella’s Funeral

My almost four-year-old daughter, Betsy, was playing with her two-inch tall plastic Disney princess dolls, when Cinderella’s head fell off and rolled under the couch. She looked and looked and couldn’t find it. So she decided to have a funeral for Cinderella. She lined up all the other Disney princesses on the coffee table and […]

265: Will Luera

Will Luera is a renowned improviser, actor, director and instructor who performs and teaches all over the world. He has served as the artistic director at Improv Boston and the director of improv at Florida Studio Theater, and was recently named artistic director of Improv Asylum in Boston and New York. In this episode, Will […]

264: Jane Morris

Jane Morris is an actor, improviser and director. She is the Johnny Appleseed of comedy clubs, having opened the Chicago Comedy Showcase and the Second City e.t.c. in Chicago and the Upfront Comedy and the Comedy Underground in Santa Monica, CA. She currently manages the Fanatic Salon in Culver City, CA. Jane has a reputation […]

263: Armando Diaz

Armando Diaz is widely regarded as one of the best improv teachers in New York. He is the co-founder of The Magnet Theater there, and help create one of the most popular long forms ever, The Armando Diaz Experience. We talked to him about what makes a good Armando show from both the monologist and […]

Taking In the Love On My Birthday

May 5th was my birthday. I turned 56. It’s been a tradition of mine, a week or so before my actual birthday, to get more depressed than normal, followed by a wave of self-pity. Thank God, with everything that has been going on in the world and that fact I have not left my house […]