World's Greatest Dad

Announcing My New One-Person Show, ‘World’s Greatest Dad(?)’

I have big news to share with you today. I am really excited to announce that my new autobiographical one-person show, World’s Greatest Dad(?), is going to be opening at Second City’s Judy’s Beat Lounge next month. The show will run on Saturdays at 6 p.m. from June 15 through July 20. If you’ve been […]

Del Close

5 Improv Teachers Who Influenced Me

If you have a kid in any grade from preschool to high school, you’re probably well aware that we’re right in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week. And this week, as I helped get together a gift bag for my daughter’s teacher, I started reflecting on all of the great improv teachers I have had […]

Jimmy Carrane's birthday

It’s my birthday. Thank you, improv!

Sunday is my birthday. I turn 55 years old. That is not a typo. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. In improv years, that makes me 104. Even I am amazed I’ve been around that long, teaching and performing improv. My life is not what I imagined it would be when I took my […]


How blaming other people keeps you stuck

Have you ever gotten off stage after a so-called bad show and immediately started blaming your teammates in your head for what went wrong? Even if you don’t tell them you’re blaming them, when you start to focus on other people as the problem, you run the risk of alienating them. Not a good move […]

improv in your career

How improv can help your career

I recently got a call from an old improv friend. He was calling me to tell me that he had gotten a new job. He was excited, almost giddy. He told me that he was now the head of human resources at a prominent TV station. And he said, “I can thank improv for this new […]


How to be More Mindful in Your Improv

The other day I heard someone give a pretty inspiring talk, and at the end of it he said, “The most important thing we can do is be present when we are with other people.” I immediately thought of improv. Today, it’s called mindfulness, and it’s being taught in schools, practiced in offices and become […]


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