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Alternatives to Holding Improv Auditions

Are you trying to form an improv group or looking to add more talent to your existing group? Or do you run an improv theater? If so, you might assume that your first order of business is to hold auditions. However, holding auditions isn’t always the best way to discover the best talent. This week, […]


Only a Third of People Will Like You

It was one of those cold winter days in Chicago with no sun, which make you question your decision to live here. I sat in a booth in the front window of the S and G diner facing Lincoln Avenue so I could watch the cars sputter around in the dirty, slushy street. I had […]

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

‘Tis the Season to Stream

If you find yourself with some extra time between Christmas and New Year, you may want to catch up on some movies and TV shows that you didn’t have time to watch this year. Though, I wish I could have watched more this year, the stuff I did squeeze in this I really enjoyed. So, […]

Jimmy Carrane Stand-Up

Doing Storytelling? Do These 3 Things

This last year I have returned to doing storytelling shows around Chicago, as well as doing private coaching for some really talented storytellers. And guess what? I am having so much fun doing both. (Please don’t tell anyone). Not only is the storytelling community in Chicago super supportive and nurturing, similar to how the improv […]


5 Tools for Dealing with Shame

As you know, shame is one of my favorite things to write about, since I have so much of it on daily basis. I’m pretty sure I’ve had shame all of my life, but it wasn’t until I started to taking improv classes in my late teens that I started to really start to feel it. […]

Inspire your improv career

How to stay inspired when your improv career feels stuck

If you’ve been acting or improvising for a while, you’ve probably learned that success as a performer always seems to ebb and flow. If your improv career is in a dry spell right now and you haven’t been landing any auditions and no one is asking you to be in their show, it’s easy to […]


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