Mind Games

Trust your instincts

I used to think when I auditioned for parts on TV shows and films that I could tell right away if I got them. Thank God, I’ve lost that the superpower (though I never really had in the first place). First of all, sometimes you will have killer auditions, and for circumstances beyond your control, you will not […]

The Playboys

What to do when your team makes dumb choices

A friend called me recently and said he had just had one of the “worst improvisational shows” of his short career. His group was doing a Harold, and before the show the director had specifically instructed them to let the first beat be only two-person scenes, no walk-ons. Guess what? It was a cluster fuck. […]

Jimmy Carrane and Tim Meadows

How to land your comedy dream job

Today more than ever the opportunities for improvisers are abundant. There are so many classes to choose take, groups to be a part of and places to perform — which can be a blessing and a curse. That’s why it’s important to map out a vision for your career before you get in too deep. Do you want be […]

Improv Nerd with Horatio Sanz

3 Tips for Increasing Your Gratitude

I don’t say this enough and that is “Thank you.” Next to “Yes and…,” thank you can be two of the most powerful words. Instead of being grateful, I am usually busy comparing myself to others, which just makes me feel worse. But being grateful and saying thank you for what I do have right now […]

Improv Nerd with Lyndsay Hailey

The risk of taking risks

You hear this all the time in your improv classes – you need to take more risks on stage. But what improv teachers forget to tell you is that when you take risks, you’re going to feel feelings: anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, shame and, in rare cases, joy. This is a by-product of taking risks, and […]


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