Improv For Innovation

The Art of Slow Comedy classes were named in Chicago Magazine’s “5 Great Comedy Classes for Fall 2015!”

Improv for Innovation

Are you interested in being more creative and spontaneous? Do you want to improve your ability to work in a team? Would you like to take your presentation skills to the next level? In this 5-week class, you will learn how to enhance your creativity by building off of the concept of “yes, and” to help you improve your innovation and problem solving skills. This class will help you expand your imagination, react in the moment, trust your instincts and build on other’s ideas. You will be introduced to valuable improv concepts through a series of games and exercises.
Every session is different, so you can take this class again and again to continue to build on your skills. ID students who have taken this class more than once have found that it improves their confidence in presenting ideas in other classes, helps them be more creative and collaborative working in teams, is a great way to reduce stress in their hectic schedule.

Jan. 31-Feb. 28, 2019

Class is held on Thursdays from 12:30-2 p.m. at The Kaplan Building on the 2nd Floor in the Steel Case Commons on IIT’s campus (35th Street Campus)

$179 if you register by midnight on Jan. 28. ($209 after.) Once you register there are no refunds or transfers for this class.

What past students are saying:

“After Improv for Innovation, I have a whole new appreciation for the supportiveness of my colleagues at ID. I felt empowered to relax and see where things take me. I learned to trust that people are listening to to me when I speak.”
Renee Albrecht-Malinger

“One hour-and-a-half where I forgot about everything else. I wouldn’t even take my phone with me, as I was only focused on what was happening at the moment both within me and with the team.”
Gustavo Cascio

“Improv was the perfect way to escape from the typical stresses of life at ID. Each week’s class gave me the opportunity to take a brief break and let loose, all while bonding with my classmates. It was a fun version of therapy, truly!”
Laurel Komos