What was one of your weirdest moments on stage in improv?

Every couple of days, we like to ask our social media followers a question with #ImprovNerdAsks. Often the question is serious or thoughtful, but occasionally it’s decidedly silly. This one was definitely the latter.

We loved the weird stories of improvised shenanigans that you shared with us so much that we thought it deserved a blog dedicated just to some of the weirdest moments in improv. You never know what’s going to happen when you step onstage with a group of people. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s very, very weird.

Here are some of our favorite weird stories that you’ve shared:

Traded shirts with the other guys on stage. We proceeded to shift shirts throughout the set. Actual shirts. Not object work.” – Andy Perkins

I’ve played an indignant turkey and the ruler of an undiscovered world as The King and Queen of Katie Couric’s Colon.” – Scott Summitt

Someone had a baby, then that baby had a baby, who had a baby, who had a baby. Like Russian dolls. But birth.” – Jordan-Michael Whidbey

Answered a phone call from a cell phone that was found to be inside someone else’s vagina.” – Fernando Lao Jr.  

Pulled an adult diaper off of my partner — with my teeth.” – Jared Dryden

Gave a complete stranger an Eskimo kiss during a jam.” – Maxwell Sam

I was the senior marketing person in charge of marketing trash bags. It started with me criticizing my junior partner. It ended with summoning Satan as voiced by the audience.” – Steven Bateman

Wiped someone’s spit from their lips.” – Jason Allman


Come on. We know you have your own story of your weirdest moments on stage. Share it with us below!

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