My Naked Friends

Improv is all about the people

I have gotten to work with some pretty incredible people over…
Musical improv

Play to the Top of Your Intelligence

Anyone who’s taken an improv class has probably heard the teacher…

I Want to Quit Improv

If you are anything like me and you suffer any kind of disappointment…
Jazz Freddy

My Fondest Memories of my Improv Career

This past week, I was working really hard and feeling depressed,…
Dan Bakkedahl

The Fastest Ways to Connect with the Audience

In most improv classes, you learn how to connect with your partner…
Harold Ramis

How You Know You've Lived a Good Life

On Monday came the sad news that Harold Ramis died. He was 69…
Two-Person Workshop

Announcing Two-Person Scene Tune-Up on April 5

Sometimes, improvisers get so focused on trying to learn a cool,…

When Lincoln Did Improv

Lincoln's birthday was yesterday. It made me think about how…
Armando Diaz Experience

Using your negative energy

I love my Monday night Art of Slow Comedy improv class and…

Is all improv the same?

What do you do if you are taking multiple improv classes at multiple…