Jimmy Carrane

Improv Teacher Jimmy Carrane Now Offering Improv Classes Two Days a Week

Jimmy Carrane, one of the leading improv teachers in the United States, is pleased to announce that he will be expanding his online improv class offerings this year. Beginning this February, Carrane will now be offering two sections of his Art of Slow Comedy comedy classes — one on Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m. Central and […]

improv scene

3 Ways to Revive a Stalled Improv Scene

We have all been there. We’re in the middle of an improv scene and it is going nowhere. We are dying up there because the scene has stopped going forward. In most cases, an improv scene stalls out because we are being tentative with each other. We don’t need to give up, or even panic, […]


10 Things I Want to Do More of Next Year

With 2020 coming to an end, you are probably coming up with a list of resolutions for the upcoming year. If you haven’t yet, don’t. Resolutions don’t work — at least not for me. When I used to set them, I would always get the same results, which was by January 3rd, I ended up hating myself […]


2020: The Blessings of Covid

This year sucked, and we all know why — Covid. But it hasn’t all been a shit sandwich. Although I have certainly missed seeing my friends, going to restaurants, and performing in live theaters, Covid has brought me many blessings as well. I learned to adapt and teach improv online, thanks to the generosity of […]

books for the holidays

4 Books to Put on Your Holiday List

With the holidays upon on us — boy, did they come on fast! — I wanted to give you a list of some books I highly recommend to add to your gift-giving or gift-getting list this year. Since I covered some comedy books in the summer, this time I wanted to branch out to some other […]

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

The greatest gift you can give this holiday season is something you give to yourself, and to others — and that is the gift of self-expression. That is what we do in the arts. I don’t care if you work a 9-to-5 job and you write your novel at night. I don’t care if you […]


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