Corporate Improv Training and Workshops
with Jimmy Carrane

If you’re looking for a corporate training workshop that is both fun and educational, improvisational-based seminars are the way to go.

Improvisation is not about being funny or even performing. Instead, it’s about learning to collaborate and build off other people’s ideas. When we follow the basic concepts of improv, which foster collaboration, we become more productive, because we are using the strengths and intelligence of the entire group. Most importantly, we feel listened to and respected, because we all are playing by the same rules.

Jimmy Carrane’s corporate improv workshops include a series of interactive games and exercises that are designed to introduce the concept of “Yes, and…,” which means learning how to say yes to other people’s ideas instead of saying no, and to build off of the ideas that you are given. This helps people create ideas and solutions that are beyond their imagination. And the best part is, the workshop is filled with fun and laughter, leaving people with a sense of lightness and play.

Workshops can be tailored for many different objectives including helping with sales, public speaking, ideation and brainstorming, team building, creativity, and leadership. Jimmy has worked with a variety of industries, and each workshop will be custom created to fit your corporate goals.

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