improvising when sick

Improvising When You're Sick

Why is it that when I’m sick I have good shows? I remember…
Improv Bus

We Go to Improv Shows to Be Inspired

When I was studying improv back in the ’80s in Chicago, things…
Improv Bus

Creating a Sense of Community

One of the greatest privileges of being an improviser is feeling…
long forms

3 Simple Long Forms That Won't Fail

Today, I want to give you three long forms that won't fail in…
yes and journal

5 Ways that Journaling Can Make You a Better Improviser

I am often get asked the question what can improvisers do in…
Billy Merritt on Improv Nerd

All Your Improv Teachers Are Wrong

Billy Merritt is one of UCB's most respected improv teachers…
Ken Manthey

Remembering Ken Manthey

When we think of the people who are in the improv community,…

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Why It's Good to Play with Less Experienced Improvisers

In an ideal world, you always want to improvise with people who…
Jimmy Carrane teaching

3 Secrets to Being a Good Improv Teacher

One thing I have learned along the way is if you want to keep…