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Dealing with Taboo Topics in Improv Class

Today, many improvisers want to shy away from certain taboo topics. As…
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How to find your tribe in improv

You know why I think so many people are drawn to doing improv?…
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Just Do It

We are told improv is great for finding your voice. Everyone…
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How to bring more love to improv

I love reading books on spiritually as much as I love ones about…

The Best Way to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Improv is collaboration. That is why we do it, because we love…
Del Close

How to Teach Authenticity

In improv, we are always striving to be authentic on stage, but…

I need your help with my shame

As you know, one of my favorite topics to talk about is shame,…
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I Hate Going on Vacation

This is the blog you are getting this week. I am pretty sure…
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5 Keys to Writing a Great Sketch

If you’ve ever watched a painfully bad sketch on SNL, you know…
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Bombing at the Top of an Improv Show

We all want to do the perfect improv show. Every move is brilliant. Every…