Jimmy on vacation

I Hate Going on Vacation

This is the blog you are getting this week. I am pretty sure…
Taco Tuesdays

5 Keys to Writing a Great Sketch

If you’ve ever watched a painfully bad sketch on SNL, you know…
improv boston

Bombing at the Top of an Improv Show

We all want to do the perfect improv show. Every move is brilliant. Every…
Jimmy Teaching Improv

Finding People Who Can See Your Worth

I was so stupid when I starting out improvising in my 20s. I…
Jimmy and Johnnie

It's OK to Make Adjustments in Your Improv Scene

A common thing that we hear in improv is that we need to commit…
Betsy Carrane

What a Toddler Taught Me About Rejection

As actors and improvisers, we deal with rejection on a regular…
Jimmy Carrane and Joe Bill

Playing with People You Love

Last Sunday, during my Jimmy & Johnnie show at Second City,…

How Not to Sabotage Your Auditions

I have a good friend who is an accomplished singer and actor…
Sam Bowers and Griffin Griggs

How to Sell Out Your Improv Show or Sketch Show, Part 2

Last week, Improv Nerd director Sam Bowers shared some of his…
Sam Bowers

How to Sell Out Your Improv Show or Sketch Show, Part 1

Improv Nerd director Sam Bowers recently co-produced the first-ever…