116: Rachael Mason

Rachael Mason is the Head of Advanced Improvisation at Second City, a phenomenal improviser, and a beloved improv teacher in Chicago. In this episode, Rachael talks about the responsibility women have in creating comedy’s future, her new role at Second City, and she and Jimmy perform a scene in the dark like an old timey radio play.

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  1. Ian Boothby
    Ian Boothby says:

    Good episode. Every time someone talks about Del Close on the show it sounds like justifying an abusive relationship. Talking about how he liked to yell at and scare people then listing those that came out of it all right. Never mentioning the people it drove away from the craft. Feels like the “My Dad hit me and I turned out all right” folks. Maybe it’s time to start saying what he did was wrong. Otherwise why wouldn’t we be okay with teachers doing the same thing today?

  2. Karen Sandvoss
    Karen Sandvoss says:

    I loved this episode and loved her comments about women in comedy and how to handle the typical roles of prostitute or good little wife. I would love it if the audio was louder and more balanced on some of the episodes. In this one in particular was hard to hear Jimmy at times. Rachael is new on my radar but someone I will follow! So much fun. Thank you.


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