Billy Merritt on Improv Nerd

141: Billy Merritt

Billy Merritt has been a performer, teacher and director since the UCB opened in New York. He was founding member of The Swarm and The Stepfathers in New York, and The Smokes in LA. We talk to Billy about how he classifies improvisers as pirates, robots, and ninjas, and what the game in the scene means to him. He also does an amazing job of deconstructing the improv scene between Jimmy and himself.

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  1. Ian Rubin
    Ian Rubin says:

    I am a mostly self taught Improv Comedian, and I just finished my first Improv class at the UCB! This website/blog/podcast is spectacular, and I’ve never found someone else who is a bigger Improv nerd than me. I love the site!!!


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