178: Sexual Harassment in Improv

In this special episode of Improv Nerd, Jimmy moderates a panel discussion on the issue of sexual harassment in improv, which has become a very heated discussion lately throughout the improv community. On the panel is improv teacher Susan Messing, improvisers Julia Weiss and Laura Bowers, former attorney and corporate trainer Ben Capraro and therapist Nadia Greenspan. This episode was taped on Feb. 18 at Green Shirt Studio in Chicago.

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  1. blklvsmtr
    blklvsmtr says:

    You fail to see the whole picture. Women are not always the innocent ones. And, they have the ability to say no, just as much as men do. And, men can be and have been victims too. Get your facts straight before pitching any suggestion of expertise on the issue.

  2. Improv Student
    Improv Student says:

    This was a great and informative podcast, but it was hardly balanced or represented “all sides” as Jimmy says in the intro. Everyone essentially agreed with everyone else except on minor points. An “all sides” discussion would have included people (perhaps inter-generational) who do think people are over-sensitive or concerned with political correctness, or included (Charna’s?) theater director’s experiences, people who actually have dealt (maybe poorly) with accusations from students and performers and what happened and what was learned.


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