201: Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg is best known as Howard from the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He is currently starring in the new film Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. We talked to him about following in his father’s footsteps at The Groundlings, how acting is like improv, and the importance of putting your stuff up.

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  1. Marilu Holmes
    Marilu Holmes says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    It was refreshing and disturbing to hear your comments about your newborn. Disturbing, NOT because of you, but because of me. I, too, felt that way, and I WAS THE MOTHER! I don’t have your biological excuse. It was over a decade ago when I found myself in hell—with two babies, only 20 months apart. It was the first time I lost control of my body, my time, and my desires. I was deprived of what I took for granted until then—time to eat, to make love, to have a conversation… with an adult, to enjoy taking a dump.
    Now that my kids are teenagers, I can look back and appreciate what parenthood is about—an opportunity to grow up. I realized that my main responsibility was to give them a good example, which implied getting my act together, in other words, doing my best to resolve my childhood traumas so I wouldn’t pass those onto them. When you have kids, you’re forced to become a better person, a more authentic version of yourself. Kids have the natural ability to detect your bullshit. They won’t be polite. They’ll point out at the discrepancies between your preaching and your doing.
    The love for my kids has also balanced my ego. I now understand that I’m not that important, that what’s really important, is my legacy, my impact on other humans, especially on my kids.


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