Jay Sukow

259: Jay Sukow

Jay Sukow is one of the best improvisers and teachers out there. He has taught at almost all of the Chicago intuitions and also served as the Artist Director at ICC Theater in Copenhagen. He now lives in Los Angeles and teaches and performs around the world. Jimmy caught up with him in Chicago at Green Shirt Studio to talk to him about why it’s important to make positive choices in your scene work, why he uses anger in improv and how he is adapting his teaching as improv changes.

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  1. Barry Lohman
    Barry Lohman says:

    Jimmy and Jay, what joy what bliss. What you did with that pineapple was like tripping out on Firesign Theater. You both helped this old guy find a whole new creative life in my sixties and now into my seventies. Can’t thank you enough.


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