Art of Slow Comedy Summer Intensives

Who Should Take This Workshop

  • IMPROVISERS who are coming to Chicago to attend other programs this summer.
  • IMPROVISERS looking for a new approach that’s real, grounded and honest.
  • ACTORS or IMPROVISERS who are new to improv who don’t have time to study during the week.
  • SEASONED IMPROVISERS who feel rusty and want to get their improv gears moving again.

Coming to Chicago to study improv this summer? Make the most of your trip by learning an additional approach to improv in this eight-hour intensive. Best of all, it’s on the weekend so it won’t conflict with your other programs!

In Jimmy Carrane’s Art of Slow Comedy summer intensives, you’ll learn a more honest approach to improvisation, which teaches students that before they can be funny they need to be real. By slowing down and shutting up, you will connect with your partner on a different level, making long form as easy as having a conversation.

In addition, you’ll begin to find your authentic voice. You can take the pressure off yourself to be funny — you just have to be yourself. The more you can tap into your own life experiences and be vulnerable on stage, the more laughs you will get from the audience. 

Jimmy will observe your work to find out what you are doing well and help you find your blind spots so you can be more a memorable and funny performer. 


    • Learn how to react honestly and emotionally to your scene partner
    • Learn how to create organic scenes by listening and building off of the last word spoken
    • Learn how to create strong and believable characters
    • Discover how to recognize and heighten the game of the scene
    • Learn how to start in the middle so your scenes will soar
    • Limited to 14 people!

What past students are saying:

“Jimmy does more than teach. He unlocks what’s already there.”
Austin Scott

“Jimmy forced me to think of myself as an actor, not a comedian. His approach to teaching, in turn, made me a more confident actor and a more truthful comedian.”
Pete Byrne

“I wanted to train from a true master of improv, someone with the skill and wisdom to bring the best training methods into access for me in a safe and playful environment. If you want to learn from the best, Jim Carrane is the teacher for you.”
Scott Holstein