The Art of Slow Comedy is Jimmy Carrane’s unique method of improvisation. It has nothing to do with actually going slow. In fact, the Art of Slow Comedy is about learning how to connect off your partner. Have you ever seen a TJ & Dave show? Jimmy’s classes will help teach you to perform using that same philosophy of organic, patient improv.

Want to know more? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about The Art of Slow Comedy.


What does slow mean? I want to go faster and be funny
The “slow” in The Art of Slow Comedy doesn’t mean we are going to slow down all your improv to a grinding halt. The Art of Slow Comedy is about connecting off your partner in the first couple of seconds of silence at the top of the scene. If you’ve ever seen a TJ and Dave show, you know what I’m talking about. Once you are connected, the speed of the scene is up to you.

Will this help me funnier?
No one can actually teach someone to be funnier, but The Art of Slow Comedy can help you do better scene work, which in turn, will make you more enjoyable to watch.

Before you can be funny you need to be real, and you need to be believable. The best improvisers are the ones who are the best actors. The Art of Slow Comedy will help you to find the tension in the scene, will enhance your ability to emotionally react, and will teach you how to tap into your own life experiences to find the truth in comedy.

How can I stop doing those scenes where I say “nothing” to my scene partner?
You mean those scenes where your characters flat-line because they have no connection? Jimmy can help you with that. All you need to know is what to look for and how to listen. In the Art of Slow Comedy, you will learn how you can get everything you need from scene your partner at the beginning of the scene, so your characters will always have something interesting to say, eliminating those scenes about “nothing.”

I have been taking improv classes for a few years and am losing my confidence. Can this help me?
It’s easy to lose your confidence in a big improv community like Chicago. You may be putting pressure on yourself to get on a team, or to be funny, or maybe you’re intimidated by the improv school where you are taking classes. The Art of Slow Comedy is designed to help you to find your voice again and make improv as easy as having a conversation. You will learn in a supportive environment where you will be encouraged to let the class know what is getting in your way.

Will I get enough stage time?
It seems like improv class sizes are ballooning, and getting in more than a couple of scenes in a class is near impossible. The fastest way to get better in improvisation is by doing it! In The Art of Slow Comedy, improv classes are limited to 12 people so you get plenty of stage time and the personal attention you deserve.