Have Improv Nerd come to your city

Want to bring the Improv Nerd podcast to your improv theater or festival?

Jimmy Carrane is available to come teach his award-winning Art of Slow Comedy workshops as well as perform a live episode of Improv Nerd at theaters and festivals around the world.

In the past, he’s taught at The Detroit Improv Festival; Omaha Improv Festival; The Huge Theater in Minneapolis; Improv Boston; the Bovine Theater in Denver; Search Engine Improv in Rochester, NY; and more!

Jimmy’s travel dates for 2014 are booking up fast.

Available dates:
June 14
June 21
Aug. 30

Contact Lauren Carrane at Lauren.M.Heist@gmail.com to book Jimmy Carrane and Improv Nerd for 2014 or to inquire about 2015!

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