Art of Slow Comedy Level 2: The Guts

The Art of Slow Comedy classes were even named in Chicago Magazine’s “5 Great Comedy Classes for Fall 2015“!

Who should take this class:

  • Improvisers who have completed at least 3 levels of an improv program or equivalent
  • Actors who’ve had previous acting experience
  • Students who have completed Art of Slow Comedy Level 1

In the second level of the Art of Slow Comedy, you’ll discover a new approach to your scene work. Jimmy’s gentle approach helps you strip away the pressure to be funny so your scenes can be more honest, authentic and yes, funny. You will develop a strong level of trust with your fellow players and yourself, so you can go further in your scene work than you ever have before. You will come to realize that everything you need to do great scene work is right in front of you.

In this six-week class, you’ll focus on two-person and multiple-person scenes, helping you to develop your improv muscles. Plus, Jimmy will give you the chance to re-do scenes so you can approach them with a different perspective, and he’ll give you side-coaching and direct feedback to help you find your blind spots so you can progress quickly.

This class will focus on:

  • Creating organic scenes by listening and building off the last the words spoken
  • Making the “game in the scene” simple
  • Creating strong, believable characters with comedic points of view
  • Starting your scene in the middle
  • Stopping your characters from being so polite on stage
  • Learning how to heighten the emotion or premise of a scene

This class is appropriate for improvisers who have studied at other institutions, actors who want to be more spontaneous with scripts or auditions, or those who have taken Art of Slow Comedy Level 1. (It is not required to have taken Level 1 to take this class).

Class format:

6 weeks, 12 total hours of play time and instruction

Class size:

Limited to 10 students MAX.

Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m. Central Time from April 7-May 12 via Zoom.
Fridays from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Central Time from April 9-May 14 via Zoom.

Only $259 if you register by March 24! ($289 after).

NOTE: Once your payment is received, there are no refunds or transfers on this class.

What past students are saying:

“Jimmy is a master. Jimmy is not only funny as hell, he is able to create a safe environment where strangers can take risks, laugh hysterically and play shamelessly.”
Mary Nelligan

“Jimmy Carrane is a terrific teacher. He creates a safe uncomplicated environment where anyone can find a sense of play. He knows how to make improvising feel easy.”
Justine Scarpa