What is the Art of Slow Comedy?

Jimmy Carrane is best known for his Art of Slow Comedy method of improvisation, which teaches students before they can be funny they need to be real and how to slow down so you can find the “game” in the scene quicker. In his workshops and classes, you’ll learn how to connect with your partner so your scene work will be more grounded and real, making long form as easy as having a conversation.

In the Art of Slow Comedy improv classes, you’ll learn that you don’t have to be a crazy character or think of silly premises to get a laugh — you just have to be yourself. And the more that you can tap into your own life experiences and be vulnerable on stage, the more laughs you will end up getting from the audience.

In addition, Jimmy believes in developing people into better performers. Whatever your goals are for improvisation – nailing your next team or conservatory audition, booking more TV/film/commercial work, or simply being a better ensemble member to the people you love to play with most – that’s the focus of Jimmy’s teaching philosophy.

Above all, Jimmy knows that you’re spending money on a class in order to improve. He never takes your dollars spent for granted. He takes pride in teaching you, guiding you, following you, and helping you discover your strengths.

That won’t happen in massive classes and it sure won’t happen when you find yourself a victim of Who’s-My-Instructor Roulette at larger training programs.

Instead, why not study with a teacher who is truly committed to making you the best you can be?

That’s Jimmy. And he looks forward to meeting you.

The Art of Slow Comedy classes were even named in Chicago Magazine’s “5 Great Comedy Classes for Fall 2015“!