World's Greatest Dad(?)

About World’s Greatest Dad(?)

After 10 years in group therapy, Jimmy Carrane is still unhappy that he is not as famous as some of the people he started out doing improv with. So when his therapist suggests that Jimmy and his wife have a baby to bring more joy into their life, Jimmy sets out to become a first-time dad at age 52, at the same time that his own father is dying. From fertility treatments to a disastrous funeral, Carrane takes us on a funny and poignant roller coaster of life and death and shares his discovery that you don’t have to be the “greatest” to be a good dad.

Written and performed by: Jimmy Carrane
Script and creative consultant: Gary Rudoren
Additional direction by: Jack Bronis
Stage Manager: Katie Hildreth
Music performed by: Jimmy Carrane and Megon McDonough
Photography by: Suzanne Plunkett
Publicity by: Lauren Carrane, Sharp Pencil Marketing

Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.
Nov. 2-30
Judy’s Beat Lounge, 230 W. North Ave., second floor

$20, $15 students, $10 Second City Training Center Students