Fortune Cookie

15 Pieces of Improv Wisdom

I love Chinese food, and even though I don’t eat sugar, I love opening the fortune cookies at the end. The little pieces of wisdom are the perfect way to end a great meal. So now that the year is coming to a close, I decided we should wrap things up with some improv wisdom to inspire you for 2017. Here are a few of my favorites that I put on Twitter throughout 2016. Enjoy!

1. Waiting for inspiration is called procrastination.

2. Denying your weirdness is denying your brilliance.

3. If you don’t take time to recharge your batteries they may die in the middle of a show.

4. Having a beer in your hand before a show is not warm up exercise.

5. Some people will love what we do. Some people will hate what we do. Most people don’t even know we exist.

6. We think we are hiding in character when sometimes it is actually more revealing.

7. People don’t take risks because they are afraid they will look silly. In improv if we don’t look silly, people look at us like there is something wrong with us.

8. Blame the audience and you have learned nothing.

9. When giving up is not an option, take a nap.

10. Why does the critic in our head always sound like our parents?

11. Even in our best shows we still make mistakes, they just aren’t as obvious.

12. Being happy for other people’s success is some of our best acting.

13. You need the bad shows to get better and the good shows to keep going.

14. Nothing will kill creativity faster than wanting to do it right.

15. Be nice to everyone.
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