Two-Person Workshop

Announcing Two-Person Scene Tune-Up on April 5

Sometimes, improvisers get so focused on trying to learn a cool, slick form that they forget that they need to have good scene work. The truth is, if you can do compelling two-person scenes, you can do anything.

Jimmy is excited to announce his new Two-Person Scene Tune-Up workshop, which will be held at Stage 773 on Saturday, April 5 from 12-3 p.m. In this 3-hour workshop, we will fine tune your two-person scene work and find your blind spots so your scene work will pop, be memorable and yes, funny.

Come with your scene partner, teammate, of just come by yourself! You’ll be sure to come away with some new insights that will make your scenes better.

This workshop is limited to 12 improvisers. Register by March 15 to get the Early Bird Special of $59, and then the price goes up to $75. Sign up today!

What People Have Said…

“I think the two man workshop did a lot for my personal performance whether it be utilizing emotion to support my fellow actor and our scene’s development, listening to the gifts the other actor gives and specifically adding to that, or simply finding the drive within to initiate a scene.” — Matt McCann

“Taking Jimmy’s Two-Person Scene Tune-Up has helped me use emotion to progress my scenes, which then makes it easy to be in the moment and trusting your partner. This class takes you to another level and you’ll have fun doing it!” — Rob Dolliver

“You amazed me, Jimmy, by your ability to take a group of complete strangers and within 15 minutes get them to trust each other so much that they will tell each other their deepest secrets that they wouldn’t tell friends that they’ve had for 20 years. You also have a fantastic eye for finding the meat of a scene and helping the improvisers find it without handing it to them. You have also helped me regain my confidence in my ability to improvise after being away from it for 30 years. You have a way with giving people the true feedback that they need without being harsh or condescending. Your workshops are the best I had since Del Close’s.” — Alan Baranowski

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