I Want to Quit Improv

If you are anything like me and you suffer any kind of disappointment in your improv career, you want to quit. Immediately. Change your phone number. Move out of state. Go into the witness protection program. I am there right now. I suffered a big blow to my ego last week, and now I am […]

Jazz Freddy

My Fondest Memories of my Improv Career

This past week, I was working really hard and feeling depressed, because I felt like my work wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I went on Facebook to try to feel better. And it didn’t work. It made me feel worse. Everyone I knew was posting about some part they had just gotten on a TV […]

Dan Bakkedahl

The Fastest Ways to Connect with the Audience

In most improv classes, you learn how to connect with your partner – how to mirror their energy, make your partner look good, build off the last thing that was said, all the stuff we like to say to you about good scene work. But what they don’t usually teach you is how to connect […]

Harold Ramis

How You Know You've Lived a Good Life

On Monday came the sad news that Harold Ramis died. He was 69 and had been sick for some time. I was first introduced to him when I was 12 years old. My older brother, Bobby, first turned me on to the original cast of Saturday Night Live and then he really fucked me up […]

Two-Person Workshop

Announcing Two-Person Scene Tune-Up on April 5

Sometimes, improvisers get so focused on trying to learn a cool, slick form that they forget that they need to have good scene work. The truth is, if you can do compelling two-person scenes, you can do anything. Jimmy is excited to announce his new Two-Person Scene Tune-Up workshop, which will be held at Stage […]

When Lincoln Did Improv

Lincoln’s birthday was yesterday. It made me think about how great Lincoln was for this country. Sure, he grew up in a log cabin, hailed from Illinois, and ended slavery. But I’ve also heard he was a founding father of improv. The way I’ve heard it told, Lincoln never intended to go into politics. Being […]


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