New book, Improv Therapy, to be released May 4

Jimmy Carrane is pleased to announce the release of his second book, Improv Therapy: How to Get Out of Your Own Way To Become a Better Improviser, on May 4.

Improv Therapy is an honest and insightful book about the things improvisers don’t want to discuss: their feelings. The book takes a look at the improviser’s mind and what blocks improvisers on stage, and gives them practical advice to overcome their issues so they can become the improviser they always dreamed of being.

“Being in touch with your feelings is so crucial to being a good improviser,” Carrane says. “By learning how to recognize our feelings, we can learn how to access them more effectively in our scene work, making our characters really come alive. I hope this book helps improvisers get a little more vulnerable and a little more real, which will lead them to better comedy.”

This is the second book for Carrane. His first, Improvising Better: A Guide for the Working Improviser, was co-authored by Liz Allen and was published by Heinemann Drama in 2006. That book is currently in its fifth printing.

Improv Therapy will be released as an eBook and will be available via Kindle on Amazon as well as via PDF at for $3.99. To join Jimmy’s mailing list and receive updates about the upcoming book, please visit

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