220: Jonathan Pitts

Jonathan Pitts is the executive director of the Chicago Improv Festival, which he founded 20 years ago. In this interview, Jimmy gets an Improv Nerd exclusive — Jonathan tells Jimmy what he’s going to do after this year’s festival — and they talk about how Chicago has been able to stay relevant as an improv mecca and Jonathan’s experience working with David Shepherd.

190: Magic Tavern

Hello from the Magic Tavern is a fully improvised comedy podcast that’s exploding in popularity. In this episode, Jimmy sits down with creators Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai and Matt Young at the Chicago Improv Festival to talk to them about how they all met, how they developed great chemistry, and how they go about creating their magic world.

138: Rob Belushi & Jon Barinholtz

Rob Belushi and Jon Barinholtz comprise the duo group Sheldon and perform improv around the country. Jimmy caught up with them at this year’s Chicago Improv Festival, where they talked about their brotherly relationship and how they use it on stage, who they named their show after, and they set Jimmy straight on the whole topic of fame and coming from famous families.