164: Anne Libera

Anne Libera is the director of The Comedy Studies program of Columbia College at The Second City in Chicago. She is a well-respected teacher and director who was the Executive Artistic Director of The Second City Training Center for eight years. Jimmy sat down and talked to Anne Libera about going from actor to director, becoming friends with Stephen Colbert at Northwestern University and the importance of working with people you like.

161: Irene Marquette

Irene Marquette is a performer, teacher, writer and director. Best known for the host of the popular “Curio Show” she teaches at iO-Chicago, The Annoyance and Comedy Studies at Columbia College. Irene also regularly improvises with Tone and Super Human at iO-Chicago. Jimmy talked to Irene about starting out doing murder mystery dinner theater with her parents, finding improv at 19 in a coffee shop in Las Vegas and how important it is do the improv you love doing.