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Good improv classes aren't a lecture. You learn by doing. In The Art of Slow Comedy, you'll get plenty of stage time and personal feedback from master improv teacher Jimmy Carrane, who has taught thousands of students over nearly 25 years.

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Level 1: Fundamentals

Before you can be funny, you need to be real. Learn to react honestly and emotionally, building off the last thing that was said, and how to connect with your partner so your scene work will be more grounded and real.

Next class starts July 21

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Level 2: Intermediate

Create solid two-person scenes — the backbone of any good long-form. Learn to organically create characters that are based on real life by tapping into your emotions and your own life experiences.

Next classes starts Sept. 8 & 13

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Level 3: Advanced

Discover how to use a variety of energies, strong editing and supportive walk-ons to turn any long-form into great theater. Perform a long-form show for friends and family on the last day of class.

Next classes starts Oct. 25 & 27

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Improv Nerd is a comedy podcast where Jimmy interviews icons in the world of improv, giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at careers in comedy. Laugh along as Jimmy performs a totally unscripted scene with each of his guests, and then learn how they created the scene in a revealing interview and question-and-answer session.

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