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Good improv classes aren't a lecture. You learn by doing. In The Art of Slow Comedy, you'll get plenty of stage time and personal feedback from master improv teacher Jimmy Carrane, who has taught thousands of students over nearly 25 years.

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Level 1: (Fun)damentals

Explore a new way to work, where the pressure to “be funny” has been lifted, and instead, you get to focus on being YOU. Makes improvisation accessible to every level of performer, whether a new or seasoned improviser.

Next class starts Jan. 7

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Level 2: The Guts

In this second level of Jimmy Carrane’s improvisation approach, you’ll bring your unique life experiences and improvisation skills together to create powerful (and more successful) two-person scenes.

Next classes starts Feb. 25

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Level 3: Acceleration

In the final level of Jimmy Carrane’s approach, you’ll learn the nuances of long form improvisation -- energy, editing, and walk-ons. And the best part? The last class day will feature a performance for friends and family.

Next classes starts April 15

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