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I am always happy to hear from people across the world about how much Improv Nerd has helped them with their improv, especially in remote countries that have little or no exposure to formal improv training. I am really humbled by how much of an impact Improv Nerd has had on so many improvisers.

Now, after almost six years of doing this tiny podcast, we want to continue to inspire and educate not only improvisers, but also improv teachers. I especially want to share with you some things I have learned along the way – such as various games, exercises and improv teaching tips that have been road-tested in the classroom over that last 25 years — that can make you an even more effective improviser and teacher.

So how are we going to do this? By creating original video content on a platform called Patreon.

We have over 100 hours of never-before-seen video footage from our live Improv Nerd shows and interviews that have never been released. So once a month, we are going to release a full video episode of an Improv Nerd live show or an interview that we have recorded on Patreon. These videos have great improv tips and advice from some of the biggest names in improv, including Rachel Dratch, Jane Lynch, Scott Adsit, Dave Koechner and many, many more.

Also, each month I am going to record a mini improv training video with a game or exercise that I use in my Art of Slow Comedy classes and workshops that you can use in your rehearsals, or if you’re a teacher, in your own classes and workshops. My goal with this is to make people better improviser and better improv teachers.

So how can support us? Just head over to Patreon and become an Improv Nerd supporter. We wanted to make this improv-affordable, so by donating just $5 per month, you will have access to our video archive of never-before-seen Improv Nerd episodes, and at $10 per month, you can also get our monthly improv video tutorials, plus more!

We would really appreciate your support in getting this off the ground. And, as always, thank you for listening!


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