Judy Fabjance

Goodbye, Judy Fabjance

The Chicago improv community has lost another great one, this time to fucking cancer. Judy Fabjance was a beloved improv teacher at The Second City Training Center, a member of the ground-breaking group Gayco, and a mother to Daphne and wife to Kelly. She was only 41. She started taking improv classes at Second City […]

Jimmy Carrane resting

The Improviser’s Secret Weapon

I really should not write a blog this week. I am fried and burnt out, and the best thing to do in this situation is just re-run an old blog. But I am not built that way. I am from the school of “push through the pain until something breaks,” and I rarely take my […]

improv workshops

3 Most Common Mistakes Improvisers Make

I don’t know if you know this, but I am becoming an international teaching star. Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to my head yet. In the last two weeks I taught three improv workshops here in Chicago with improvisers from all over the world: China, Poland, Russia, the Philippines, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Canada, […]

Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

Is Improv Art?

Is improv art? Apparently not in the state of Texas, according to the Texas State Commission on the Arts. When the 15-year old non-profit, volunteer-based Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin recently went to apply for some funding, they were told flat out by the commission that “improv is not art,” and therefore OOB […]

Don't Think Twice

Movie Review: Don’t Think Twice

I recently had a chance to see Mike Birbligia’s latest independent film, Don’t Think Twice, which was released in limited theaters on July 22. It’s the story of a popular New York improv group and what happens when one of the members gets a big break and gets hired by a Saturday Night Live-type of sketch […]

Betsy Jane Carrane

Meet My Daughter

I would like you to meet our daughter, Betsy Jane Carrane. She was born Saturday, July 2 at 2:51 p.m. CST in Evanston, a northern suburb outside of Chicago. She came out weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz., measuring 20 inches long and looking like an little angry old man. I was worried. Nobody wants an ugly baby, […]


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