Jimmy Teaching Improv

How to Make Great Decisions Every Day

Some of the worst decisions I have made in my life I made by myself. When I was in my early 30s, Saturday Night Live was going to fly me to New York to audition for the show. I made the “brilliant” decision all by myself to not go because I thought I really didn’t do characters […]

Expressing Yourself

The Importance of Expressing Yourself

As improvisers, expressing ourselves is what we do. We do not have a choice: We are born this way. It’s no accident we are drawn toward the performing arts: sketch, stand-up, improv, and acting. These are the way we express ourselves. For me, the need to express myself is part of who I am at the […]

Improv festival

8 Secrets to Submitting to an Improv Festival

If you’ve been performing with an improv group for a while, you’ve probably started thinking about taking your group on the road, and traveling as a group to an improv festival across the country is not only a fun bonding experience, but an awesome way to take in some shows and workshops and have a […]

Improv class

What to Expect in Your First Improv Class

So you’re thinking about signing up for your very first improv class. Maybe people have told you that you’re funny, or that you should take an improv class just because it’s fun. But what is an improv class really like? Before you panic or try to get out of it before even showing up, I […]

Chicago Improv Festival

6 Shows Not to Miss at the Chicago Improv Festival

It’s spring in Chicago and that means the Cubs have our hopes up, it could snow at any moment and the Chicago Improv Festival will be taking over the city. This year, the Chicago Improv Festival is taking place from May 2-8 at venues all over the city and will feature tons of shows from […]

Jimmy Carrane and his Dad

I am new to grief

Grief is new to me. I really have not had that much experience with it in my life, up until now. I have had grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends die, but I have never experienced this level of grief before. It is confusing based on my relationship with my dad. He was not my “best […]


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