Don't Think Twice

Movie Review: Don’t Think Twice

I recently had a chance to see Mike Birbligia’s latest independent film, Don’t Think Twice, which was released in limited theaters on July 22. It’s the story of a popular New York improv group and what happens when one of the members gets a big break and gets hired by a Saturday Night Live-type of sketch […]

Betsy Jane Carrane

Meet My Daughter

I would like you to meet our daughter, Betsy Jane Carrane. She was born Saturday, July 2 at 2:51 p.m. CST in Evanston, a northern suburb outside of Chicago. She came out weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz., measuring 20 inches long and looking like an little angry old man. I was worried. Nobody wants an ugly baby, […]

Jimmy Carrane Susan Messing

4 Ways To Stop Doing Argument Improv Scenes

Oh, the argument scene. Most of us do them. I know I do, and sometimes they work, but most of the time they don’t. I wish I could say that prevents me from doing them, but even after all these years of improvising, when I get scared, it’s my go to type of improv scene. […]

Art of Slow Comedy

Why We Need Love and Support in Improv

Last week I interviewed Chicago comedian Kelsie Huff for an episode of Improv Nerd, who runs a very popular stand-up class for women called Fem Com. In the interview, Kelsie talked about how important it is to create an environment in class where women feel supported and nurtured and don’t have to apologize for what […]

Adal Rifai and Jimmy Carrane

How to Be a Good Supporting Player in an Improv Scene

Sometimes we think the goal in an improv scene is for both players to gets laughs — huge laughs. Wouldn’t it be great if that happened all the time? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The reality is sometimes one improviser will come out with an incredibly strong character or point of view and the best thing for the other improvisers in […]


You Are Never Ready

As you know, Lauren and I are about to have a baby. It’s due on June 30, and it will be our first. Even though Lauren is much younger, I am 52 years old, so you may be saying to yourself what we’ve been saying for the last nine months: “What are we doing?!” The other […]


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