Louis C.K.

Why We Should All Love Louis C.K.

This week, social media was a-buzz after Louis C.K. did the monologue during SNL’s final episode of the season. If you haven’t seen it, he talked about every hot-button thing you can think of, from being mildly racist, to Israel and Palestine, to child molesters. Social media went crazy, I mean nuts, especially about the child […]


It’s OK to Say ‘I Don’t Know’

Improvising is about creating something beyond your imagination with the help of other people. It takes humility, it takes courage, it takes faith. We are creating something out of nothing on a regular basis. And to do it, we have to stop pretending that we know what we are doing and get comfortable in the […]


Let’s all work together

I’ve been traveling around the country a lot lately, teaching improv in all different cities. And one thing I’ve noticed in some communities is that improv can feel like gang warfare. There are theaters that don’t want their students studying or performing at other venues. They are protecting their turf. I get it, they are […]


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