Stephen Colbert

What I Learned from Stephen Colbert

It has been so much fun to watch Stephen Colbert go from the character of Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report to talk show host Stephen Colbert on Late Night. In his new role as host he is so smart, playful, silly, political, and funny you almost forget the old character. If you have watched […]


Improv Nerd is Making Waves in the Press!

There’s been some buzz about Improv Nerd and The Art of Slow Comedy classes in the press lately as our fall season starts up this Sunday. Here’s what people have been saying: Improv Nerd made the cut for Chicago Now’s October Comedy Calendar. (October 5, 2015) Time Out Chicago just listed Improv Nerd as one […]

Beer Shark Mice

It’s ok to be jealous

As artists, improvisers and human beings we all get jealous, some of us worse than others. Saying you never get jealous is like saying you never get angry or you never get sad or afraid. It’s part of the human condition. With jealousy, the only thing we can hope for is that the duration doesn’t […]


Hotel Lincoln Discount

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