Jimmy Carrane and his Dad

I am new to grief

Grief is new to me. I really have not had that much experience with it in my life, up until now. I have had grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends die, but I have never experienced this level of grief before. It is confusing based on my relationship with my dad. He was not my “best […]


Do you know how accomplished I am?

After interviewing Jon Favreau recently for an episode of Improv Nerd in a swanky hotel suite off Michigan Avenue in Chicago, I crawled back into my therapist’s office in pain and said, “He could not have been happier to see me, he gave a great interview, he even gave me a souvenir from the movie, […]

Hollywood sign

Hello from LA

This week, I am writing my blog in LA. I am here for two reasons: To get some episodes for the podcast and to pitch the idea of Improv Nerd as a TV show. If you are an outsider, you probably think this trip is going pretty well. I have already had three meetings with […]

Bob Carrane

Saying Goodbye to My Dad

I have written in previous blogs about my father who has been sick and dying. Last week he died. I am not going to lie: I had a complicated relationship with him and I am grateful that in the end I showed up and got to say goodbye. On Wednesday night, Lauren and I spoke to […]


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