How our life affects our improv

How we look at life is how we improvise on stage. If we can’t find the joy in our lives and we look at everything going on in the world as a problem, chances are that is how we will initiate a scene. I see this with my students in class. They will be on […]

slowing your improv down

The benefits of slowing your improv down

A lot of improvisers think that the only way to be funny is to play fast. But I’ve actually found that there are a lot of benefits to slowing your improv down. I first learned how to play slow improv from Del Close at the Improv Olympic back in the ‘80s when he was teaching […]

improv group

What should I do if I don’t like my improv group?

I love when people reach out to me looking for me to share some of my experience in improv. Recently, an improviser contacted me to see if I had done a podcast or written a blog about what to do if you live in a small town and are unhappy with your improv group. Here’s […]

Happy Where You're At

Being Happy Where You’re At

Great improvisers are in the moment. They have no need for the future or the past since they know it will not serve them. They do not have an idea of how the scene will end. They thrive on the uncertainty. They are happy where they’re at. This is the hardest thing for me to […]

improv group

Alternatives to Holding Improv Auditions

Are you trying to form an improv group or looking to add more talent to your existing group? Or do you run an improv theater? If so, you might assume that your first order of business is to hold auditions. However, holding auditions isn’t always the best way to discover the best talent. This week, […]


Only a Third of People Will Like You

It was one of those cold winter days in Chicago with no sun, which make you question your decision to live here. I sat in a booth in the front window of the S and G diner facing Lincoln Avenue so I could watch the cars sputter around in the dirty, slushy street. I had […]


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