Betsy Carrane

My Top 10 Moments of 2016

Well, 2016 is almost over, and I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last year. As you know, it’s hard for me to find joy in most things that I do, but when I take a look back at this year, even I am impressed with all of the incredible […]

Michael Gellman and Jimmy Carrane

Is Consistency a Good Thing?

The other day during one of my improv classes, one of my students whose work has been getting stronger and stronger did a series of incredible characters and then said: “I have been doing this for five years. I just want to be consistent.” This was not really a question; it was a statement. And the […]

Jimmy Carrane and Susan Messing

Do These Things to Be a Better Improviser in 2017

It’s almost the end of the year, which means it’s time to clean the slate and focus on what we’d like to improve on in the coming year. Here are a few simple tips to try in 2017 that will improve your improvising and hopefully bring you more joy as you are doing it. Say […]

Jimmy Carrane

We Are Brave

I think sometimes as improvisers we forget how brave we are. We were not born that way. We’ve become brave though years of training. Years of falling flat on our face. Years of persevering in spite of self-doubt. There is no other way. We often do not give ourselves enough credit for what we do. […]

Improv Nerd group

The 5 Things I’m Most Grateful For

The best way to get more good stuff in your life is to be grateful for what you already have. All you have to do is physically get out a pen and paper and on a daily basis and write out the things you are grateful for. You can even call a friend and leave a […]

Wrigley Field

What the Cubs Taught Me About Improv

If you haven’t heard by now, last week, after 108 years, the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series title. Pretty incredible, especially for me who has been a Cubs fan my whole life. But if you have been reading this blog with any sort of regularity, you know that a celebration of any kind […]


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