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3 Things Therapists Can Learn from Improv

Over the years I have taught all types of people in my improv classes and workshops. The majority of people are actors and improvisers, but another group that I’ve found can really benefit from improv are therapists, life coaches, and health professionals. Why? Because therapy, just like improv, is all about listening. And when therapists […]

What I Learned from My Last Blog

Thank you for all of the feedback on my most recent blog. I have taken all of your reactions on this post on social media and my website to heart. Based on your comments and after re-reading the blog, it is clear to me that I could have been more articulate in getting my message across. I […]

When Class Gets Complicated

This blog post originally had a different title, which I have changed. Please see my additional blog post where I clarify some of the points made here. I believe in comedy we always have an opportunity to heal others. We may heal the audience, people in our group, or more importantly, ourselves. Certainly, making people […]

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Dealing with Taboo Topics in Improv Class

Today, many improvisers want to shy away from certain taboo topics. As artists that is their right, and as a teacher, performer and human being, I try to respect people’s individual boundaries to not do scenes about things they don’t want to talk about. But as a teacher, I also don’t want you to miss […]

Improv Bus

How to find your tribe in improv

You know why I think so many people are drawn to doing improv? I don’t think it’s because they want to be famous, or even that they think they’re funny. I think it’s because improv gives people a sense of belonging and community, something that gives people a powerful sense of meaning in their lives. […]

Jimmy Carrane Stand-Up

Just Do It

We are told improv is great for finding your voice. Everyone who markets improv uses that phrase, but until recently, I really didn’t know what people meant by it. And surprisingly, I am learning this through another art form — storytelling. After a bit of break, I am back to doing storytelling and I am […]


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