long forms

3 Simple Long Forms That Won’t Fail

Today, I want to give you three long forms that won’t fail in class or rehearsals. These have been tested over and over again in my classes, workshops, intensives and rehearsals, and for the most part, seem to be a big hit with the students. So here you go. I hope you try these long […]

yes and journal

5 Ways that Journaling Can Make You a Better Improviser

I am often get asked the question what can improvisers do in between shows and class to get better? One thing I found that helps is to write, or more specifically to journal. You can work out a lot of stuff on the page that can help you get out of your own way. I […]

Billy Merritt on Improv Nerd

All Your Improv Teachers Are Wrong

Billy Merritt is one of UCB’s most respected improv teachers and performers and a member of the legendary improv team The Stepfathers. I was fortunate enough to get to improvise with him for an episode of Improv Nerd at The Omaha Improv Festival a couple of years ago. I love how he improvises and his philosophy […]

Ken Manthey

Remembering Ken Manthey

When we think of the people who are in the improv community, performers, teachers, directors and even the people who run the theaters come to mind. But there are other people who may not possess those same talents who also have a special place in the community. Ken Manthey was one of those people. Ken […]


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I am always happy to hear from people across the world about how much Improv Nerd has helped them with their improv, especially in remote countries that have little or no exposure to formal improv training. I am really humbled by how much of an impact Improv Nerd has had on so many improvisers. Now, after […]


Why It’s Good to Play with Less Experienced Improvisers

In an ideal world, you always want to improvise with people who are better and more experienced than you because they make you better. But realistically, that doesn’t always happen. And sometimes improvising with people who aren’t as experienced can not only help with your confidence, it can also be fun, and a great learning […]


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