Ed Helms

Anger Is Funny

Anger is funny. Think about all of the great scenes you’ve watched in movies and sitcoms where the character keeps getting more and more frustrated as a situation gets heightened. Ed Helms losing his shit in The Hangover, George Costanza yelling at people in a movie theater, Steve Martin going crazy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. These […]


Why Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday of All Time

Happy Thanksgiving, improvisers! All week long, I have been looking forward to today. When it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite on the list. It’s pure. It’s simple. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is the best holiday of all time. How is that? My wife Lauren, on […]

Jimmy Teaching

Why We Need to Take In Positive Feedback

I hear this all the time from my students who are just starting out in improv: “Be Hard on Me.” “Don’t Hold Back.” “I don’t need all these positive notes like I am doing nothing wrong up there.” I get it. I was totally the same way. I think some of us come from parents […]

Jimmy Carrane Stand-Up

Thank you, Universe

I am delusional. I usually think that if I want to make more money in the performing arts, I just have to work harder. But the truth is when I do what the Universe wants me to do creatively, the money usually comes in, and usually not how I expect it. For the last several […]

Lost in an improv scene

5 Things to Do When You’re Lost in an Improv Scene

Every once in a while we get lost in an improv scene. We freeze, not knowing what to do next. We panic, shut down, feel defeated. But if we pause for a second, we can usually get ourselves back on track – if we know a few basic tips. Think of these tips as your […]

Jazz Freddy

What It Really Takes to Bond as an Improv Group

Some people think that all it takes to put together a great improv group is picking the right people. Though that it is important, I would argue what is equally important is bonding as group. I have found the formula is pretty simple: Time + play = bonding as a group. I have found as […]


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