Jimmy Johnnie

3 Ways to Grow As an Improviser

Artists take risks. They evolve. They are excited about trying new things, even when they flat-out fail because they know they will have many more failures than successes. They really don’t fail; they learn and grow. And they are always seeking inspiration. That is their rocket fuel. I think about my favorite musicians like Neil Young, […]

John Hildreth

Being a Selfless Performer

Two weeks ago I performed a Jimmy and Johnnie show — an improv show that I have been doing for the last six years with John Hildreth at Second City. Each month we pick a special guest to improvise with us, and this time it was Joe Bill. The three of us always work well […]

editing improv scenes

3 Ways to Get Better at Editing Improv Scenes

Any improviser doing long form knows that editing can make or break a show. Good editing is balancing act between letting the improv scenes develop and not letting them go on too long to drag down the show. Whether you’re looking to improve your editing skills, or you are an improv teacher looking for ideas […]

Jimmy and Betsy

Finding ways to have more fun

We are told all the time in improv just have fun up there and everything will take care of itself. But what if you don’t have fun in your real life? Well, then you are screwed. I am speaking from experience. I cannot give something away that I don’t have. And when I try to fake […]

Hank and Stella

How an improviser wrote an improv book for kids

As a father of a two-and-a-half year old, I read a lot of children’s books. I mean, a lot. Not only does she have a bookshelf full of them, but she wants to read them over, and over and over. Some are good. Some are not so good. And some I’ve even memorized. So when […]


How our life affects our improv

How we look at life is how we improvise on stage. If we can’t find the joy in our lives and we look at everything going on in the world as a problem, chances are that is how we will initiate a scene. I see this with my students in class. They will be on […]


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