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How Storytelling Has Made Me a Stronger Improviser

I know I probably shouldn’t say this as an improv teacher, but I have found that doing storytelling has actually been helping me with my improv. It might seem counter intuitive that doing solo work would actually help you with improv, which, by its very nature is all about collaborating and working with others. But it […]


3 Tips to Stop Sabotaging Your Opportunities

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and right before you are about to reach it, you do something to prevent achieving it? Oh, it might be subtle, like staying out the night before ’til 2 am getting drunk. Or not preparing for your big audition. Or not asking for help. Or even worse, […]


6 Ways to Make Your Storytelling Piece Funnier

Most storytellers I work with want their stories to be funnier. And actually, make your story funnier is easier than you think. If you are willing to put in the work, have some patience and take some tiny risks along the way, you can punch up your piece by following some tips I have used that have helped […]

Art of Slow Comedy

Top 10 Benefits of Taking an Improv Class

Have you ever thought about taking an improv class or workshop but you weren’t really sure if it was for you? More and more people are taking improv these days for a whole bunch of reasons other than getting on Saturday Night Live. Improv is about more than being silly. In fact, the principles you […]

3 Ways Improv Can Make You More Creative

Whether you work in a creative field or not, we all have a human need to be creative on a regular basis, for our hearts and our souls. When we find ways to express our creativity, we are lighter, things don’t bother us as much, we are easier to be around, we are more fulfilled, and […]

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5 Ways to Have More Fun This Year

Okay, the year is only two weeks old, and I am sure some of you have already blown off your New Year’s resolutions by now. But if one of your resolutions this year was to have more fun, it’s not too late to start doing that. To help you out, I’ve come up with five […]


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