improv workshops

3 Most Common Mistakes Improvisers Make

I recently finished teaching one of my Art of Slow Comedy Summer Intensives, and I’m gearing up to teach another one this weekend. I’ve been teaching these intensives every year for the past several years, and each year I get the pleasure of teaching students from all over the world: Germany, New Zealand, China, Denmark, […]

comfortable with sucking

To Be Great, You Have to Be Bad First

I have been performing since I was in my 20s. And when I started out, I wish to God someone would have told me that to get good at improv, you’re going to have to get comfortable being bad at it for a while – in public – before you can master it. There are […]

World's Greatest Dad(?)

Surprise! I’m Happy

Something weird has been happening to me lately: I wake up and I feel successful. I have not changed my diet. I am not getting enough sleep. And I am still not famous. But still, I feel successful. As you know, for me, this not a normal feeling. And you could see why I would […]

improv for therapists

3 Things Therapists Can Learn from Improv

Over the years I have taught all types of people in my improv classes and workshops. The majority of people are actors and improvisers, but another group that I’ve found can really benefit from improv are therapists, life coaches, and health professionals. Why? Because therapy, just like improv, is all about listening. And when therapists […]

small audience

3 Ways to Have a Good Show, Even If You Have a Small Audience

Have you ever been back stage before a show and peeked out at the audience to see only a tiny crowd and your heart sank? Yes, it’s disappointing. We all want to play to packed houses all the time, but the reality for most improvisers and actors is sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Each group and […]

World's Greatest Dad(?)

How I Take Good News

Last Saturday night I opened my one person show, “World’s Greatest Dad(?).” It did not go perfectly; no show ever does. It went well, don’t get me wrong, but I had high expectations. So afterwards I was filled with shame, self-doubt and self-hatred. I wanted to hide. I wanted to die. Some of my friends […]


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