Improv Classes

 Slow Comedy 1/(Fun)damentals of Improv

Jan. 7-Feb. 11, 6-8 p.m.
Green Shirt Studio, 4407 N Clark St., Chicago

Who should take this class:
• Improvisers looking for a new approach to their work. An honest, less rapid-fire style for more real mind-blowing long form improvisation.

• Students wanting to slay their next conservatory or team audition.

• Actors looking to add improvisation to their toolboxes for better commercial auditions and more callbacks.

Imagine an improv class where the pressure to “be funny” has been lifted, and instead, you get to focus on being YOU.  Slow Comedy 1 makes improvisation accessible to every level of performer, whether you are an actor or seasoned improviser. The Art of Slow Comedy  approach is designed to enhance your previous improv training and give you your own unique process for creating magnetizing improv.

Key class rewards:  
• Discovering how your unique life experiences are your tools to become a more compelling performer.
• Learning to react honestly and emotionally to your scene partners.
• Building scenes by listening and reacting off the last words spoken.
• Learning how to be human. Audiences will relate to real people, because they’re watching real people.

Class format: 6 weeks, 12 total hours of play time and instruction.
Class size: Limited to 12 students MAX
Price: $279. Early Bird Special $249 if you sign up by Dec. 24.

Next class: Jan. 7-Feb. 11
Your spot is secure once payment is received. No refunds or transfers.
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Two-Person Scene Tune-Up Workshop

Jan. 3, 12-3 p.m.
Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago

Improvisers often think that using cool forms, editing and walk-ons will make them better. But if you don’t have good two-person scenes, those other tricks won’t do much good. In this workshop, we get back to the basics, making sure you can truly connect with your partner. Jimmy will observe your work to find out what you are doing well and help you find your blind spots so you can be more connected, memorable and yes, funny. Class limited to 14 people. Only $79!

Next class: Jan. 3, 12-3 p.m. at Stage 773
Your spot is secure once payment is received. No refunds or transfers.
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